Book cover

Cover design for Martin Luther. The poetic drama Martin Luther (2017) by the modern Norwegian playwright Maria Tryti Vennerød, is first translated and first published in Greek by Theodosis Ang. Papadimitropoulos.

"Before modern medicine, before antibiotics, toilets and cod liver oil, towels, paracetamol and the age of the plague. People were dying everywhere and death was everywhere ..."

Free press magazine

Design for travellers free press magazine. The typography interacts with the pages and the content (word & image) and creates an "organic" identity for each unit of the magazine. For the covers, we illustrated our gr traveller figure that interacts with the landscape of Greece. Each cover is a part of a bigger illustration.


Branding for Sel Royal - Salt, natural infused with flavours. We designed an illustration system which defines and characterizes the graphic design of the packaging, giving a strong personality to the product and strengthening the corporate identity at the same time.

Home fragnances

“You are holding 221 grams of applied design. The concept, the bottle, the content and the graphics, all came together here in Grams design studio in order to send you our best and creative wishes for 2021.”

The target group: Clients, partners and friends.

What we did: We combined our wishes for the new year (2021) with our work in branding and packaging design. We designed and produced a packaging system of 4 personalised home fragrances.

Τhe insight: One year has past after renaming the design studio to Grams design and we wanted to create a concept that will reflect to our new name. Our main concern was to depict and inform about our specialty: Branding and packaging design services.

The twist: The ml unit is diverted to grams unit adjusted to the year 21.


In the beginning of 2020, we undertook the production of Gilead's internal communication. The whole project included the concept creation, the script, the graphic system, the animation and finally the creation of a two-minute video. Our concept, “The Green Book”, explains and reveals, page by page the ecological footprint of Gilead. The pages come to life through custom and branded animated graphics and clear information in a combination of form and image. Many thanks tο all the team #copywriter #illustration #animation #sounddesign

Animated campaign

As part of a campaign against depression and other mental disorders caused by alcohol, we created 2 videos for Lunndbeck.
Each of the videos describes a typical day in the patient's life.

Credits: Creative Direction & Production Overview: Spyros Grammenos & Christos Papavasileiou / Illustrations & Art Direction: / Animation: Alexandros Pyrenis / Sound: Musou Music Group

Wall calendar

Greek songs from the movies are depicted with frame illustrations. Experimenting illustration technics for the annual concept of 2019’s printed calendar.

Wall calendar

Each month of 2016 represents a classic Greek song. Illustrate and experiment on textures in order to create a solid contemporary project based on Greek song history. Concept and design for 2016’s wall calendar and digital posts.

Website & illustrations

For Nikou Edu, a model foreign language school, we had to create a visual identity along with digital visuals for its website and social media. So, we designed witty and friendly custom illustrations for every service of the school. Different illustrations for every class, for every tip on the website and even more illustrations for the social media. The color palette of the illustrations was picked from the schools logo and the illustrations depicted happy students, parents and teachers in a very friendly environment. You can visit the website here.


Packaging design and illustration for anti lice products. We designed a mascot - super hero - to communicate Fleriana's range of anti lice. The super hero, who terminates lice, becomes a dynamic key visual. A friendly and focused approach to the users: the kids.

Wall calendar

Random Greek songs are depicted with random illustration technics, in random pages of a random project. Experimenting “the random” by illustrating 2018’s wall calendar.

Wall calendar

Each month of 2017 represents a traditional Greek song. Illustrating on white camvas in order to create a solid annual project based on Greek song tradition for 2017’s print calendar and digital animated posts.

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