A metric unit of mass.

Design gram. A metric unit of massive attention to detail. The ingredient that can make your brand’s visual communication unique.

Grams design is a design studio based in Athens, Greece. Good design is all about analogy. The architecture of the essentials; typography, forms, colors and illustrations, all coming together in the right quantities and in a custom mix, never fails to be just right.

Martin Luther

Book cover

Emmis SA



Animated campaign

221 grams

Home fragnances

Inalia face creams

Cosmetics packaging


Gloves packaging

Anas crystalcare

Cosmetics packaging

Inalia suncare

Face & body cream packaging

Angelis films

Corporate identity

Gilead: the green book


ADD condoms

Branding & packaging

Jukebox - Greek frames

Wall calendar


Corporate identity

Homer's blocks of color

Experimental project

EMEX 00110001

Vinyl disc cover

Metexmio publications

Book covers

Flower care


gr traveller

Free press

Anas crystal care



Web platform

Jukebox - Greek classics

Wall calendar

Nikou edu

Website & illustrations

Emex Hyperion

Vinyl disc cover

Pikon photography

Corporate identity

Jukebox - Greek random

Wall calendar

Toutountzi furs


Jukebox - Greek tradition

Wall calendar

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